Updated: 16.6.2010.

Damir Ivan Konjevod Resume (CV)

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Personal Information

Name: Damir Ivan
Surname: Konjevod
Academic Rank: Master of Information Science (4 years program)
Address: Zagreb, Croatia
Mobile phone.: +385 (0)91 585 77 89
E-mail: damir@konjevod.com
Skype: damir.ivan.konjevod
Home Page: www.noveigre.hr
LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/damirkonjevod

Professional objectives in ICT
Analysis and optimization of organizational systems.
Design and development of information systems using acquired interdisciplinary knowledge and quality management standards.

Fields of interest in ICT
Development of IT related products and services from idea to deployment with main focus on conceptual research and development (seeing the big picture). IS project management. Information systems design.

Formal education
2005. Det Norske Veritas training course for Internal Auditors of Quality Systems.
2004. The Case Method for Management Education - at Zagreb School of Economics and Management.
2003. Project Financing - executive education course at Zagreb School of Economics and Management.
2001. Graduated at the Faculty of Organization and Information Science (www.foi.hr) in Varaždin (Zagreb University), Information Systems course (first in his generation, average mark over 4.9 of max. 5) with thesis Information Linker Conceptual Model (application that tries to provide most natural way to get to (stored) required information - like an extension of one's own mind). Extensive academic background in information systems design and organizational analysis and structuring.
1997. Graduated in High School of Science in Dubrovnik (all grades with mark A). Wide background in all natural and human sciences.

Special Knowledge and Skills related to his main work
He has ability to analyse problems and articulate them in a structured manner which enables problem understanding, finding alternatives and their assessment.
He usually works on 2 to 5 unrelated projects simultaneously.
He is a fast learner.
Has ability to brainstorm large quantity of ideas for a given issue.
He wrote or organised development of many standards regarding business processes and communication within the companies he worked for.
Familiar with organization and methodology of quality assurance systems in general (ISO 9001, BPR). Familiar with Oracle Project Management Method and Oracle Custom Development Fast Track Method. Familiar with main concepts of Rational Unified Process.
Heavily uses MS Outlook for organisational and communication purposes.
Uses CASE tools mostly based on UML: Enterprise Architect most of the time, IBM Rational Rose, Poseidon for UML, COOL Biz once.
Organised and led many in-house reverse engineering projects.
While he was software developer, he mostly used Delphi in combination with many relational databases using SQL or direct access components, and afterwards Transact SQL in Microsoft SQL Server, SQLXML, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) etc. He developed a number of diverse applications and utilities.
Familiar with Health Level 7 (HL7) standard (used for communication among systems in healthcare).
Owns conceptual knowledge of many IT technologies (needed for IS design and development) including: web technologies (HTML, a bit of ASP and VB Script), Java, XML (and standards based on XML: SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, XSLT, XML Schema, XML Formatting Objects, etc.), knowledge base and rules building for expert systems (he also did some programming in CLIPS and Prolog during his studies).

Working experience, jobs, projects
He saw and analysed many business processes from various industries and government sector (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Healthcare, Croatian Employment Service, Croatia Airlines, Croatian Post, services in tourism, personal services...) and also modelled several Croatian laws or similar legal documents into operable software requirements and software architecture.

Currently (since 2004.) working for company Laus CC as project manager, system analyst and software architect: business process process modelling, IS architecture, innovation and quality in company's products and services; and as management representative for quality (ISO 9001).
He performs education and coaching for UML, office tools and similar according to the perceived needs of the company.
2005.-2006.- He led successful implementation of ISO 9001:2000 in Laus CC.
2004.-2005.- Analyzed and modelled business processes and IS for planning and controlling in Croatia Airlines.
2005.- 2007. Author, project manager and portal manager of My Heritage portal for family inheritance and cultural heritage preservation.
2004. Quality auditor in company IN2 (www.in2.hr).
2003.- 2006. IS architect (associate expert) for company Warp Studio (www.warpstudio.com). He also held a UML workshop as part of education for Warp Studio employees.
2002.-2004. IS designer/developer in company IN2. Apart from IS design and development related activities, he also started the initiative for brand name management and standardization of IN2 products and services in presentations (in form of a manual with recommendations of best practices and accompanying materials).
2002.- Associate expert at Zagreb School of Economy and Management for Introduction to Information And Communication Technologies course (www.zsem.org).
2002. While serving civil service in The Municipal Court of Justice in Varaždin, Croatia he worked in the Real-estate Department of the court where he improved and eased several business processes by developing IT solutions for some daily tasks.
2001. Forum Virtualis project (requirements definition, system architecture, and programming).
1999.-2000. Several applications for Kost d.o.o: conversion of databases, videocassettes renting, client side of an on-line real estate selling system etc.
1998. Was one of the most successful sales agents of Privatization Fond Pleter for Dubrovnik-Neretva district (by the number of sales in time).
1996. Application for Croatian Association of bartenders for competitions in mixing drinks by rules of Olympics in Cocktails.

Awards, laurels
2001. 1st place at AIESEC FOI Student's Software Show '01 in programs category with work Information Linker Conceptual Model
2000. Received The Rector's Award with the work Metamodel of Easily Updateable and End User Adjustable Expert System
2000. 1st place at AIESEC FOI Student's Software Show '00 with the same work; participated with the work on the exhibition of innovations INOVAR 2000 and IIS 2000 International Conference.
2000. Received laurel for the best student of the faculty in 2000.
1999. Received laurel for the best student of the faculty in 1999.
1999. Participated as the leader of a team in a competition in management, organized by AIESEC in Varaždin '99., the team won 3.rd place.
1997. Won state scholarship for gifted students in '97.
1997. Awarded for the success on the preliminary exams for the faculty (4.th place).

B.Klicek, D.I.Konjevod (2001): Model of An Intelligent Web-Based Multimedia Mass-Group Decision Support System, Proceedings of 3rd Carnet Users' Conference (CUC 2001) , Zagreb
D.I.Konjevod, Anikó Szakál (2001): Visualization Tool for Evolutionary Binary Operators, Proceedings of 5th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems 2001, Helsinki
D.I.Konjevod, Anikó Szakál (2001): Optimization of Evolutionary Binary Operators, Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS 2001), Varaždin
D.I.Konjevod: Information Linker Conceptual Model, Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS 2001), Varaždin
D.I.Konjevod, M. Majer (2000): Metamodel of Easily Updateable and End User Adjustable Expert System, Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS 2000), Varaždin
D.I.Konjevod (1998): The Drawing of the Systems' Diagrams Using Computer, Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS'98), Varaždin

Mother tongue Croatian.
Speaks and writes English fluently.
Understands German and Slovenian enough to make basic communication.

Other skills and activities related to his work
Held many presentations of all kinds.
Has B category driving license.
Touch typist.
Has a wider knowledge of MS Office tools, especially Word and Excel.
Selling experience

Facts which reflect his personality
He's a great cook.
His favourite sport is spear fishing (to dive and move in 3 dimensions, get close to the prey, stay calm and catch it - all that in a single breath; and later on, prepare it for a dinner of course.)
Likes to dance.
Has a wide social network.