Updated: 4.7.2004.

Delphi Components and Articles


These are some of the components developed for my own use which you might find useful.

Component: TDBGridMouseMsg
License: freeware
Size: 1 kb
Download: DBGridMouseMsg.pas
Description: TDBGrid with published properties, i.e., events: OnMouseDown, OnMouseMove, OnMouseUp;

Component: TFileDropEdit
License: freeware
Size: 2kb
Download: FileDropEdit.pas
Description: TEdit with event OnFileDrop which is activated when user drops file(s) on edit box, giving the list of files;

Component: THorHiFiNavigator and TVerHiFiNavigator
License: freeware
Size: 19 kb
Download: HiFiNavigator.pas
Description: General purpose components with many options which show a set of navigation buttons (vertically or horizontally). The whole component is a set of buttons with vector-drawn symbols.

Component: TMouseInOutListBox
License: freeware
Size: 2kb
Download: ListBox1.pas
Description: TListBox descendant with OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events.


Adding FileDrop capabilities to any visual control

Exporting any TDataSet to a comma-delimited ASCII file

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