Updated: 4.7.2004.

Fractal Sea - Christmas and New Year decoration tree

author: Damir Konjevod

Fractal sea is a sculpture made mostly with mosaic technique using only natural materials originated from Adriatic sea: hundreds of sea urchins shells, st.Peter's ears, hundreds of other mussels and thousands of little pieces of glass shaped by the sea waves on the sandy beaches of Cavtat (a town near Dubrovnik, Croatia).

I spent hundreds of hours, 2 summers, diving and collecting materials and putting it all together.

Dimensions and other technical properties:


  • it has a shape of a quarter of a cone
  • height 2m
  • radius at bottom 1,3m
  • inside empty
  • weight around 25 kg
  • uses standard electric outlet for two 40W electric bulbs which give static light effects

Following pictures are in high quality and very big so be patient:

front, 274 kb

side 1, 355 kb

side 2, 399 kb


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(These images are made with a VHS camera so they are not the best quality, but if you'd like to see better images, please e-mail me and I'll send you some with better quality)