Updated: 4.7.2004.

Frappe recipes for long hours of studying

These pages are dedicated to all sweet tooth having people who stuck on some course of study and they have or are able to get one very useful gadget - mixer!!! If you have some recipe yourself, send it to me. I suggest you to look some useful advises first (for laymen and professionals) for making frappes here. The following frappes are tasted, so their compatibility with an average stomach of a student is guaranteed under condition that all ingredients are fresh (i.e., they haven't been "taken" from the student restaurant).

Note: recipes are adjusted for quantities of frappes of 1L ±20%

1. Classic banana frappe main ingredients: 2 bananas
possible additives: sugar, cocoa, chocolate corns, 1 kiwi
2. Apple frappe main ingredients: 2 apples
possible additives: sugar, cocoa, vanillin sugar, pettit-beurre
3. Strawberries frappe main ingredients:20-30 dkg of strawberries
possible additives: sugar, vanillin sugar, rum, milled coconut, lemon, chocolate, strawberries or orange or lemon syrup, 1 kiwi
4. Pineapple frappe main ingredients: 20-30 dkg of fresh pineapple or compote
possible additives: definitely sugar or vanillin sugar, any syrup, strong drink, orange, peach, blackberries, apricot, watermelon, musk melon, plumes. Important: here goes less milk!
5. Cherries or marasca frappe main ingredients: 20-30 dkg of cherries or marascas (remove stones!)
possible additives: strawberries, sugar, vanillin sugar, rum, cocoa in small doses, gelatin (only for professionals), eggs' cream (during the milling)
6. Figs frappe main ingredients: 20-30 dkg of figs (fresh, piled, better black figs)
possible additives: sugar, rum, brandy (domestic), milled coconut, lemon, chocolate, syrup, 1 kiwi. Important: here goes less milk, try not to make it very dense, but, it is even worse if you make it watery!
7. Kiwi and apricot frappe main ingredients:20-30 dkg of apricots and kiwis
possible additives: sugar, vanillin sugar, lemon, strawberries
8. Banana cream main ingredients: 2 bananas, chocolate powder, whipped creme
note: put whipped creme in the mixer first or during mixing.


8. Apples and bananas frappe main ingredients: 1 apple and banana
possible additives: sugar, vanillin sugar, lemon, strawberries, Nesquik, milled nutmeg, milled almonds or walnuts. (All of this can go and with banana without apple)
9. Sport's frappe main ingredients: apple, fresh egg, pudding (made, chocolate or vanillin)
possible additives: sugar, lemon, kiwi, a lot of courage, less milk
10. Tropical refreshment main ingredients: pineapple, banana, fruit ice-cream
possible additives: kiwi, sugar, vanillin sugar, very small amount of cherries, apricot or blackberries, this frappe can be served with ice (after it has been mixed).
11. Frappe "Baroque" main ingredients: 20-30 dkg firm strawberries (as those on TV commercials), eggs' cream
possible additives: nutmeg, milled almonds or walnuts, Nesquik, a drop of rum, sugar, not more than 7 dkg of bananas. Eggs' cream is put in the mixer after the milk has been poured in.
12. Pudding frappe main ingredients: 2 bananas, chocolate or vanillin made pudding
possible additives: kiwi, 3 dkg of strawberries, sugar, plumes, apricots
13. Ice-cream frappe main ingredients: 20-30 dkg bananas or strawberries or fresh figs but well-ripen ones (or even too ripen), ice-cream as desired (if fruit one, then banana is not the best choice)
possible additives: sugar, rum, raspberries syrup, cocoa, Nesquik, pettit-beurre
14. Peculiar frappe main ingredients: 10 dkg of milled walnuts, 10 dkg of milled almonds, 1 banana, eggs' cream, 2 dkg of sugar, 1 dkg of Nesquik
possible additives: more sugar, lemon, pettit-beurre, chocolate biscuits. Frappe has to be dense.
15. Frappe "Fatty" main ingredients: 2 eggs (They are first mixed with that mixer for pastry and such stuff (I don’t recall its original name)), 1 banana, 10 dkg of eggs' cream, Nesquik, nutmeg, 3 dkg of sugar possible additives: butter, a drop of rum, gelatin (only for those who know how to prepare it)
16. Frappe "Good morning" main ingredients: 10 dkg of strawberries, 3-4 dkg of kiwis, 3-4 slices of orange or 10 dkg of pineapple (canned or fresh)
possible additives: a small amount of sugar, lemon, peach