Updated: 4.7.2004.

Advises for making a good frappes

For all those who have never tried to make a frappe before, here goes a few general advises: softer ingredients are put in the mixer first for they could be milled because the knifes for milling usually can't mill harder ingredients at first. Then, the harder ingredients are put in the mixer. If needed, ingredients are chopped in pieces size of an eraser (cca. 3cc). Then you pour milk, 1 to 1.5 dl so the ingredients would mill better. After they were milled, more milk is poured into the mixer.

And now, some advanced advises: the density is determined by desire by pouring milk or some juicier fruit (orange, watermelon, musk melon). If you wish refreshment make it watery with less aromatic ingredients (like fruit syrup), but if you prefer energetic drink, add sugar, Nesquik, chocolate corns, butter cookies, chocolate or alike
If you want to cool down yourself, undoubtedly use refrigerated fruit and milk. On the other side, if it is cold, use (very) hot milk.
As for professionally adjusted frappes (following advises use only when you become a professional), for making excellent aroma combine various syrups, vanillin sugar, strong drinks (in small amounts), lemon, nutmeg, coconut flour and, at the end, various decorations. Use low fat milk when possible
And a small advice for the end: some frappes taste better when left up to 5 min. before consumed.

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