Updated: 4.7.2004.

Distance based fuzzy operators generator Help

Platform: Win95, Win98, Win NT 4
License: Freeware
Size: 406 kb Download: UNormVis.zip
Source: 106 kb, Delphi 5, UNormVisSource.zip.


  • 3D view of the operator domain and range
  • rotation and zooming of the 3D view
  • for now 4 possible operators generation: minimum distance minimum, minimum distance maximum, maximum distance minimum, maximum distance maximum
  • manual setting of operator's distance parameter E or automatic (by optimization)
  • saving or putting into Clipboard current 3D view
  • Creating, editing, saving and normalizing sets of data 3D points (x,y,z - where z should be the value that operator should achieve)
  • real time 3D view update and average deviation calculation when manually setting operator's parameter E

For more info or suggestions send e-mail to Damir Konjevod

Click on the parts of the image to get more info!

3D view of the currently defined operator

  • blue rectangle around cube shows value of E on Z-axis
  • green area is Minimum operator, red area is Maximum operator
  • blue edge of one of these areas reflects 'E strategy' (see Operator manipulation)

3D view manipulation

  • use up, down, right, left buttons to rotate cube
  • use in, out buttons to zoo

Operator manipulation

  • use trackbar to manually set parameter E between 0 and 1
  • select E strategy (when x+y = 2*E, whether to use Minimum or Maximum from (x,y) )
  • GetCode generates code for current operator in Delphi, C and Prolog
  • Optimization resolution factor determines exactness of optimization (1 best, 1000 worst)
  • Optimize button starts optimization process (this may take a nanosecond or a few seconds - depending on the number of training points)

Training points set (Data set)

  • When creating or editing points set, following dialog box appears

  • Points must be greater or equal to zero
  • Points must be in the format x:y:z
  • If points are not normalized (all in the range [0,1]) they should be normalized. Application asks whether normalization is necessary and, if so, automatically normalizes points to [0,1] range.
  • There is no autosave or warnings for saving data set!

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