Updated: 4.7.2004.


Here you'll find only some of my older applications since I'm more of a business process modeler and IS architect for many years now. Some people find them useful so I'm keeping this software online.

Most of the applications are programmed in Delphi using other applications for graphics and help systems. Most of them are freeware, developed for personal use during my studies or for scientific or research work on the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. Most of them have a minimal user interface but they are functional.

Scientific and research works
  Aquaculture Expert Demo implementation of the Metamodel of Easily Updatable Expert System Adjustable by the End User. It won 1.st place on Exhibitions of Students Works in year 2000. in Varaždin, Rector's award, and it was presented at IIS 2000 International Conference. More info & download
Dijagrami sustava Research paper related with this application.  
Distance based fuzzy operators generator Utility for generating source code (Delphi, C, Prolog) on the basis of manual parameter inputting or optimization algorithm for"distance based fuzzy operators" or operators used in expert systems for determining probability of outcome from 2 sources. More info & download (html help file)
Educational software
  CPM i PERT A freeware application for calculation of (You'd never guess) CPM and PERT times. If someone is interested in the source code, just let me know. More info & download (Croatian and Polish)
Dijagrami sustava (System Diagrams) An application intended mainly to be used in college (educational) purposes, especially for students of Faculty of Organization and Information Science. Its purpose is generating (drawing) of basic system diagrams (BSDs) which are quite hard to draw manually. It manages to automate this process 100%. More info & download (Croatian only)
  Queue Simulation Waiting queues simulator for 1 queue which can have more types of waiting entities which differ by distribution of comings and distribution of serving times. More info & download
  Warehouse Simulation Warehouse simulator for simple models of warehouses with only one type of good. More info & download
  A number of small apps and utilities Check them out here (Croatian only)  
General purpose applications
Translate Helper An utility which helps in manual translation of text and its comparison. It can be used for final processing of automatically (programmatically) translated text. More info & download
Replace It A little utility for replacing character sets and any combination of characters with some other combination of characters. It is possible to replace many different combinations with many different combinations of characters at the same time. More info & download (Croatian only)
MaGdjeJe? A little utility for cataloging drives. More info & download (Croatian only)
  Registry find & replace Utility for multiple find & replace actions in Windows registry. More info & download
Special applications
Cocktails' Competition It is THE application which is used by Croatian Bartenders Association for national and international cocktails' competitions for 4 years already. With it, Croatia become one of the first countries that use IT in this type of competitions. More info & download
  Vlasnicki udjeli Application used in real-estate departments of municipal courts of justice. Used for calculation of co-proprietors' shares in real-estates. More info (Croatian only)

Also check out Delphi components.

I've also made several commercial applications made for managing body building results, dentist card indexes, video stores etc.